Word of Encouragement from Pastor Eugene Saturday, December 12, 2020

This week I have been reviewing the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5 through 7.  Jesus ends his message with the story about the wise man who built his house on the rock and the foolish man who built his house on the sand.  I think about the children’s song that goes through that story along with the hand motions (and body actions) that usually accompany it.  Of course, I still enjoy singing it with the children—reminding me of the story and the child that is still in me.  The best thing about it is that they learn a principle regarding Jesus that sticks with them for life.  The version that I am familiar with finishes with the verse that contains “Build your house on the Lord Jesus Christ”.  Can’t beat that as a way to build your life!
I remember a fellow believer declaring in a recent testimony how he had decided to put some “legs” to his prayers regarding a situation he was dealing with.  When he did this his prayer was answered.  So, this week I decided to put some “legs” to one of the prayers that I have been praying.  I decided to apply the ASK principle (as a dear brother of mine calls it) that is recorded in Matthew 7:7-8.  I have reached out to some people that are in a position to help answer the prayer that I have.  I described the need to them—asking, seeking, and knocking.  Responses are coming back that give me hope that the need will be satisfied.  I continue to pray and thank God for the answer.
I have been doing these writings about encouragement for a number of months now.  When I began, I had no idea that it would continue for as long as it has now.  The question might be “Why do people need encouraged?”  Well, the reason is that we all can and do get discouraged at times in our walk of faith or life in general.  So, God has arranged for us to be encouraged—through the work of the Holy Spirit (the comforter, the encourager, the helper) and the support of other believers.  So, let’s be thankful for encouragement in our time of need—and when you get a chance, encourage someone else.  You will make their day!
Be encouraged and lifted up!
Pastor Eugene
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