Word of Encouragement from Pastor Eugene Thursday, September 3, 2020

I have been reading some this week in the book of Hebrews.  It has been said that Hebrews was written to the Jews (Hebrews) who had become Christians to encourage them in their faith.  In so doing it emphasizes the role of the high priest in the plan of God for His people.  Hebrews chapter 5 brings out that the role of the high priest was to represent people in their dealings with God.  Under the old covenant that came through Moses, God had established a very detailed plan as to how that role was to be carried out with the system of sacrifices and offerings.  By God’s design the high priest was a man who had the same challenges as the people he served; thus, he had to offer sacrifices for his own sins as well as for those of the people.
God decided to put together a better plan.  Hebrews declares how that God not only took His only begotten Son and made Him the perfect sacrifice for sin; but, also, made Him the high priest that continues forever.  As man, Jesus walked on this earth and felt the same temptations as we, yet was without sin.  In His death, He became the perfect (sinless, without spot or blemish, complete) sacrifice that paid for the sins of all.  No further sacrifice can be offered—there is no other sacrifice for sin (Heb 10:26).  With His resurrection, He now lives as high priest to represent all people in their dealings with God.  Jesus sets on the throne of God to intercede on behalf of all who call on Him.  Jesus ever lives and continues as high priest—no need to find another.
If you haven’t read Hebrews recently, you might want to do so again.  The neat thing about Hebrews is—that no matter who that original audience may have been, it speaks to all who are believers today.  I was so encouraged as I was reminded of what Jesus did for me and how close I can be to God through Him.  He paid for my sins and now lives as an understanding high priest sitting on the throne of glory—to represent me in the presence of God.  Not only that, He lives in me through the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Wow, how much better can it get!  Be encouraged and lifted up!
Pastor Eugene
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