Word of Encouragement from Pastor Eugene Thursday, November 19, 2020

This morning I read Psalm 91 and I am so glad I did.  What a source of encouragement!  The heading information in the Bible I was reading said that the author was anonymous.  It describes the theme as God’s protection in the midst of danger.  While God doesn’t promise a world free from danger, He does promise His help when we face danger.  It may not be known who the writer of this psalm is, but it is clear that he knew the God that he was writing about.
The psalm begins by describing those that dwell (live) in the secret place (shelter) of the Most High shall abide (rest) in the shadow of the Almighty.  He declares that God is his refuge and fortress (place of safety), that He is “my God”, and that he will trust in Him.  He then describes what all his God will do for him; that He will deliver from the snare (rescue from every trap) and from the noisome pestilence (deadly disease).  Verse 10: no evil will befall (conquer) and that no plaque shall come near those who make the Lord their refuge.  Verses 11 and 12 are what Satan quoted to Jesus to try to get Him to jump off the pinnacle of the temple during the temptation in the wilderness.  Verse 16: God will provide a long life and give salvation to those who trust in Him.  How wonderful!
With the news we have been hearing this week about the pandemic, I am so thankful that God has provided scripture such as Psalm 91 to encourage us.  It seems that no matter what our situation in life, God has in His word the very message that we should hear (receive) to meet our need.  Perhaps you already know this, but sometimes it is good to personalize the scripture as you read it—put yourself into the story/word using ‘me’ and ‘I’ as appropriate.  Try that with Psalm 91 and be encouraged and lifted up!
Pastor Eugene
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