Word of Encouragement from Pastor Eugene Thursday, September 24, 2020

The apostle John writes a letter (3 John) to a friend of his whose name is Gaius.  We do not know who Gaius is except by what John writes in his letter.  It appears that Gaius was a younger man that John had taught or mentored in a similar way that Paul had Timothy.  John has received a good report from traveling fellow workers about Gaius’ hospitality to them when they were visiting his community (church)—so he is writing to encourage him in his faith.  Gaius has been providing a place to stay and support to these travelling workers (teachers)—a witness to the church and an act that pleases God.  John was so filled with joy and encouraged on hearing this about one of his children—that he wanted to encourage Gaius as well.
John also speaks well of another believer by the name of Demetrius who has a good testimony of all.  However, there is a third person by the name of Diotrephes who does not have a good report from John.  Apparently, this person is a leader in the church there and wants to be number one.  He has been speaking against John, against the fellow traveling workers, and against those who support them.  He even puts them out of the church.  John declares that what Diotrephes is doing is evil.  He encourages Gaius to not let that bad example influence him and to continue to do good which is of God.
There are at least two things that we observe in this letter.  One is a negative—that there were evil people working in the church of the first century just as there are today.  None of us want to be one of those.  A second is a powerful positive—if we hear something good about a fellow believer, we need to share that with them if we have the opportunity to do so.  When they learn of the joy that we got when we heard about it, they will be encouraged and we will be encouraged as well.  Can’t beat a deal like that!
Be encouraged and lifted up!
Pastor Eugene
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